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Police Car Lights



Hostile Employee Termination

Emergency Planning

Site Security Assessment

If you are worried about confronting an employee during disciplinary or termination, we will provide officer(s) to standby to deter any violent behavior and to interfere if it should occur. We will patrol and remain at the facility to prevent any retaliation.

Emergencies occur at any time, we will help develop procedures to assist with responding accordingly. Fires, medical, and workplace violence can occur, let us evaluate and make sure proper procedures are in place for these types of events.  

Camera Monitoring


We will assess the vulnerabilities of your property to robbery, burglary, and other types of security breaches. We will recommend any security measures that could be implemented to improve security measures and procedures for your safety and security.

School Security Officer

We will monitor cameras at your facility and dispatch an Officer when needed. This improves the security of facilities we protect and allows faster response times when seconds matter. 

24/7 Dispatch will accept calls from clients when you need a service provided. Our goal is to have a fast response time and provide excellent services for all locations.

We provide safety and security for our future by protecting children while at school. Now is the time to secure the future of America and allow us to provide excellent service to schools that want to protect their students, staff, and facility.

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