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Police Car Lights



Mobile Patrol

SPO/Security Officer

Commercial Checks

Marked police/Security cars checking your business, and community periodically, based on contracted patrols per day. Officers will check for secured doors, remove trespassers, investigate anomalies, and perform duties as requested. 

A Special Police Officer or Security Officer will be on your property for a contracted period of time to provide law enforcement and security services to you and your customers. This includes regular duties as an SPO/Security Officer, customer service, fire watches, and other duties as requested.

Alarm Response

VIP/Management Escort

Upon notification of an alarm at your business, we will dispatch an Officer to your facility to ensure your property is safe and secured.

A uniformed or plain-clothed officer will escort your guest or executive to their destinations to ensure their safe arrival.

If you are out of town or closing your businesses for an extended period, we will check your property to ensure it is secured as often as you request while away. This is similar to mobile patrol, but it is contracted for a shorter time.


Shelter Security

We provide security for shelters that need services to keep the peace and prevent crime from occurring. We will arrest anyone who commits crimes that occur within the confines of the facility.

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